RisingColonies and its website are currently in the development stage and does not currently have any playable version. If you have any ideas or are interested in helping, please email RisingColonies@gmail.com. Thanks!

Rising Colonies will use it's own custom plugin, ColonyCraft, to create an exciting way for players to enjoy our server.

ColonyCraft is a plugin which allows players to create massive colonies, claim territory to allow for the expansion of the colony, and war with enemy colonies in an attempt to gain resources and land. ColonyCraft is not like Factions, in that it requires a sense of strategy and planning, in addition to the PvP and raiding aspects of Factions. One unique feature that ColonyCraft brings to the table is that it creates uses for several low-level items that would otherwise be useless; one example of this is leather. It does this by adding various combat classes which allow players to only be able to wear/wield up to a specific tier of weapon/armor. In addition to this, ColonyCraft allows players to claim land based upon the amount of resources they have and the level of activity (aka "power") of the members of the colony. The Power is raised by colony members practicing their skill(s), which not only increases the colony's power, but also gains the player(s) experience which, when enough is gained, will allow player(s) to increase in level, giving them even more power when practicing their skill(s). As the power of the colony increases, the leaders will discover that they will be able to claim more territory, gain spiritual assistance and gain a sense of safety. On the other hand, as the power of a colony decreases, the members will find that other colonies will begin to attack their colony in an attempt to steal resources, gain territory, or obtain more power. Overall, you will find that ColonyCraft balances RPG, PvP, Raiding and Survival in a perfect harmony that players of all ages will enjoy to play every day!

The primary objective of ColonyCraft is for it to not only be fun, but also easily be used by a player who is new to the plugin, and for it to be relatively command-less. This is why most of the plugin's features are block and item based, instead of command-based. You will also notice that we will attempt to not use the chatbox for notifications and information, as this area should be left for what it is intended to be used for, chatting.

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